Mark Moore Bio

As everyone knows, I love to hunt and fish, so I am honored to speak about the Outdoor Ministry of Miami Shores Baptist Church. Christian Sportsmen enjoy the refreshment that God provides during the quiet moments surrounded by His majestic, undisturbed creation, it is difficult to imagine how any man can be alone in God’s great outdoors and not desire to know the One who spoke it into existence. What started out as a vision to reach others has developed into a well-defined ministry of our church and an important part in fulfilling God’s “vision” for reaching outdoorsmen with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God wants to unite Christian outdoorsmen for a purpose and develop a relationship between them. God desires that men be united through their shared love for Jesus Christ and common interest in outdoor sports.

In 2004, the ministry was finally given a title. F.O.C.U.S Outdoor Ministries! The F.O.C.U.S. stands for “FOCUSING ON CHRIST’S ULTIMATE SHOWCASE.” The ministry is designed for Sportsmen to grow closer in their relationship with God and the local church, by using our passion for outdoor activities. It is our hope that this common bond of enjoying the outdoors will create an environment to bring together Christians and Non-Christians, while building friendships between them. If you or someone you know are constantly in pursuit of outdoor adventures, I know they and you will feel very comfortable with the people that is involved in this ministry.

Some of you maybe thinking,” What can I do for FOCUS Outdoor Ministries?” I do not really hunt or fish. The best thing you can do is Prayer. You can also pass on our brochure advertising the ministry. Take one of the brochures and put it in your car. When you visit someone and you notice they have a deer head on the wall or a fish, maybe a Bass Boat in the drive way, a sticker in the window of their pickup truck. Maybe they wear camouflage clothing at times. They might be out in their backyard shooting a bow and arrow honing their skills before the season. These are all identities of a sportsmen.

At FOCUS Outdoor Ministries, think of us a spiritual outfitter.  We are providing Christians with the tools to grow and to share their faith, building life-changing bonds with other outdoorsmen who need Christ.

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